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President: James Campbell

Co-Vice President: Sanjay Aloor

Co-Vice President: Erin Glascott

Co-Treasurer: Tanya McVeigh

Co-Treasurer: Veronica Ortiz

Secretary: Rupa Aloor

West Chester East High School Cheerleading Boosters


Banquet: Board Members

Home Competition: Board Members

Fundraising Chair:

Senior Appreciation/Senior Night (Fall): 


The policy calls for background checks to be completed for specific levels of volunteerism and is intended to strengthen the safeguards we have in place for anyone whose service puts them in contact with WCASD students. It's essential that we create and maintain the safest possible environment for our children, and this policy is part of that assurance.

The policy will apply to parents and all other members of the WCASD community who volunteer in our schools or serve as overnight chaperones. It will require criminal history and child abuse clearances that include reports from the Pennsylvania State Police, the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare, and an original federal criminal history report. These checks will be required once every three years for volunteers who may have some unsupervised contact with students.

The full policy can be viewed via the following access link:

The cost for acquiring all three reports is $48.75. Because the clearances are good for three years, anyone who has received all three required reports within the past two years would have another year of eligibility remaining before having to re-submit for clearance. More information about clearances can be found on our website at

In addition, please be assured that no parent will be denied the opportunity to volunteer at his or her child's school because of financial need. If the ability to pay for the reports becomes a barrier, the District will assist in making sure the necessary clearances are acquired.

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