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Welcome to West Chester East Viking Cheerleading

We are East!!!! East Viking Cheerleaders are the Ambassadors in the community & our high school.   Our coaches teach basics through advanced fundamentals of cheerleading. They provide our high school girls & boys the opportunity to develop strong minds & bodies! Our core values of sportsmanship, attitude, character & integrity are paramount. Our culture emphasizes "student-athletes".  The importance of  a stellar education,  teamwork & commitment.

In 2012 the State of Pennsylvania officially recognized Cheerleading as a sport & called it Competitive Spirit. During the 2012-2013 season East competed in the very first PIAA State Spirit Competition. Our competition squad had competed in the PIAA District & State Competitive Spirit Competition each year since & UCA Nationals in Florida from 2013 to present.  The team has placed first & second at our District 1 competition & fifth at UCA High School Cheerleading Nationals  in 2015 & in Worlds in Florida. 2016.  In 2017-18, East competed as CoEd & placed in the top 15 at UCA Nationals & 2nd at Districts .  2018-19  the team placed in the top 10 in the nation in Game Day at UCA Nationals.  As this program continues to grow, the goal of this squad & their coaches, is to continue to challenge themselves in school, as a team and as a competition squad.


2018-19 Competition Team

2018-19 Varsity Cheerleaders

2018-19 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders